Mackerel Skies

Thursday, September 03, 2015

The rhythm of life here, across the dusty track and beyond the five-barred wooden gate, is tidal. A field thrumming with nature’s small noises, a buzz, chirp, swoosh and patter - a symphony of sound. The moon and winds measure our days, white fringes of waves enticing us around the headland.

Fire pit ashes and charred logs mark late-night gatherings, with our heads tilted up to the endless skies. Amber dashes and pink ribbons streak across the duck-egg blue. All the while, darker tones and silvery lights creep around our shoulders and soak into the horizon. 

Deep skies give way to dusky, amber mornings and sea mists curl around creeks and twist under steel bridges. An early sharpness to the air announces the marriage between summer and autumn as dewy beads evaporate in the glowing heat.

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