On Caitlyn Jenner

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

It's about to get a bit deep.

I don't normally write things like this but transgender issues have been in the news a lot recently and I am passionate about equality for all.  I'm so pleased that the general vibe seems to be of acceptance towards Bruce Jenner as he became Caitlyn.

Growing up my parents taught me that our bodies are just coats, precious coats to be looked after, but coats all the same. Our soul is what is inside us that makes us special and it's our souls that we take with us when the day comes for us to take our coats off.

I think everyone has the right to wear a coat that fits, even if it means adjusting it. Seeing Caitlyn Jenner make such a brave step for the transgender community and so publicly express her desire to be acknowledged as Caitlyn and to drop the male pronouns, adopting female she/her pronouns is admirable and to be applauded. I'm fortunate that the body I was born into fits and I fully acknowledge that those less fortunate, either through disabilities or abnormalities may feel frustrated at this metaphor. But for what it's worth I do believe that we should all have the chance at a happy life and hopefully medical technologies can continue to make  progress to enable those with disabilities to also make alterations.

Having someone in the public eye make such a statement whilst being backed by one of the most recognisable media brands in the world is a testament to how our society has come leaps and bounds from past prejudices. Programmes like Transparent making waves at the Golden Globe Awards and Louis Theroux's Transgender Kids have brought the once taboo topic of gender identity out into the open. Obviously there are still obstacles and hurdles for people to navigate as transphobia, homophobia, Islamophobia and many other phobias continue to exist but it does stand to reason that this display of courage is a solid reflection of the growing trend of tolerance and a celebration of diversity.

I hope that makes sense? It's my two cents and it's completely fine if it's not yours.
Thanks for reading x

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