Rainbow Rowell

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I discovered Rainbow Rowell last year after picking up Fangirl. A novel that just yelled “I’m totally relatable!” I wonder why? Moving on...

After devouring Fangirl in two days I promptly went on to binge on Eleanor & Park and most recently whistled through Landline at breakneck speed.

Rainbow is a beautiful writer, delving into the domestic intricacies of everyday life and lifting them high in the air for us to marvel at, completely changing the way we see small acts and how we consider mannerisms.

It’s evident that I’m not the only one to hold Rainbow in my “most treasured authors” box as even the laziest of Google searches on her work will fling up any number of fan sites, art works inspired by her writing and corners of the internet where readers are continuing her stories beyond the last page and allowing her characters to live and breathe in multiple universes.

Her ability to encompass the inner workings of our most intimate relationships makes her novels accessible for all ages and that is something both powerful and admirable. There are definite themes of first love, friendship and ambition (and Omaha) that run like melted crayon streaks through her words, blending YA with adult fiction. I have yet to read The Attachments and at the moment I’m saving it for when I next have a book drought, I can always count on Rainbow to pull me out of reading funk.

Below are some art pieces inspired by Eleanor & Park - it makes me happy to think people are out there adding to existing works of art and making something new. I don't know who the artists are so I can't credit them, but if you do let me know and I can add them!

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