Chocolate Wishes by Trisha Ashley

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Being an unusually hot week in London, I decided it was too hot to carry a book, so leapt back into the cooling Kindle lagoon. Not only was I pleasantly surprised that after reading three of her books, I still enjoyed Trisha's 'chick lit' but I also found it a slight relief, as the other books I am reading recently seem to be of a darker nature.

Time and time again I have found myself drawn back to Trisha's cosy countryside characters, with their romances and the odd historical lesson or Shakespearian reference thrown in for good measure. It lets you drift and doesn't demand a great deal of concentration or commitment. You can pop back to Sticklepond village any-time you like and find familiar faces in both The Falling Star and The Green Man pub. I love how Trisha's characters subtly overlap so that names ring bells as though they are somehow a past neighbour or an old friend. An even better aspect to this is of course by reading on the Kindle you a free to search previous books, so if like me it irritates you when you can't place a name or remember who is who, you can simply type it in and voila! The lovely Kindle tells you exactly where you read it first and where else it is likely to crop up. Unfortunately the downside to this is that you occasionally come across spoilers as it does drag up all the places the word appears so you can find yourself reading ahead of your current place.

In this book you meet Chloe Lyons who runs a chocolate business, her aunty and granddad are pagans and her ex-lover / rock star has now become the village vicar. She has raised her little brother (now an 18 year old Goth) as her mum has ditched her for a life of partying. Old flames of course return  but can love be rekindled? Can Paganism and Christianity see eye to eye or is there going to be trouble in rural Sticklepond? This is funny romance packed with countryside comforts. What more could you possibly need from a 'laze with a glass of wine' book?

This is once again a feel-good book from Trisha Ashley and I feel thoroughly refreshed from my swim in the Kindle Lagoon!

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