Postal excitement!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Hurrah! The postman delivered two very large parcels for me today. Ok, yes I wasn't in and the lovely postman waited all of 20 seconds for my doting partner to stumble down the stairs and skid through the hallway. Luckily said partner is quite the intrepid explorer, and not satisfied with the little red card shoved through the letterbox, he rather heroically legged it down the garden path to chase the rather bemused postman and reclaimed my two treasured parcels.

'And what was in these parcels, Lottie?' I hear you ask. Well my friends, inside were 8 rather fetching books, all of which will be featured on this year's TV Book Club, sponsored by Specsavers. This makes me one incredibly happy bookworm as I have now not only got some sparkly new additions to my rather cosy (estate agent slang for cramped) bookshelf but I also get to review all these wonderful new books and give you lovely people all the low-down on what is worth spending the pennies on.

What this space folks. The glasses are on, the wine is poured and the books are open. Let the reading commence!

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