A Winter's Tale

Sunday, March 06, 2011

So recently I've got into the habit of picking books that seem to challenge social expectations and question modern ethics. This week however I thought I would feed my brain a bit of mush to keep it happy. And so I found myself reading A Winter's Tale by Trisha Ashley. And it did the job very nicely. I did not have to pause to ponder on the point of humanity or the existence of the soul, or even contemplate the true nature of mankind. Nope, I was happy just to waft through the book in a warm and fuzzy haze, thinking only of the lives of the inhabitants of the country manor, Winter's End. This suited me just fine. 

Trisha Ashley's story is of a middle aged woman whose luck has just about run out. Her daughter is on a training scheme in Japan and is currently being stalked by a rather persistent language student. Back in the UK, Sophy is about to lose her cottage when she has a rather unexpected visit from a long lost and extremely handsome cousin, who on finding out she has inherited the family estate, attempts to win her heart with cheesy chat up lines and an incredibly overpowering aftershave. Oh and did I mention the dishy but brooding gardener at Winter's End, whose mission in life is to make Sophy's life as hard as possible while she tries to rejuvenate the deprived estate? Mr Darcy, anyone??

This book was everything I wanted out of a cheesy chick-flick style romance. It even had a witchcraft and Shakespearian theme running through it's core which just added a touch of the ol' magic to the cosy tale. I'd actually really recommend this book for anyone who just wants to give their grey matter a rest and sink into the rural bliss that Ashley has created.

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