A Boat in the Night

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Did I tell you, I dreamt of you the other night?
Your were standing on a creaky old sailing boat-
Like the picture we have of you at home,
You had on a dark silk scarf wrapped around your hair,
And a dragonfly brooch pinned to your lapel.

I walked along the sun-bleached planks,
And stood before you,
No longer a three-year old but a full grown woman,
You took my hand and squeezed it lightly,
As we watched the horizon bob up and down.

You were taller than me,
But not by much,
You closed your eyes and smiled,
Tiliting your head to the sun’s rich glow.

We stood like that for ages,
The boat never moved,
 just sitting on the waves,
not needing to be anywhere.

We didn’t say a word,
We didn’t need to - you’d been there all along,
At school concerts and exams and my first day away,
You kept really quiet not making a fuss,
Just a warm feeling inside letting me know.

My memory of you is faded around the edges,
Like a sepia photo that has been left in the sun,
But your ring fits my finger,
Reminding me that you are there,
Somewhere close, keeping watch...

I look at pictures now
And remember that dream,
Perhaps you will sail by again someday,
And perhaps next time I will see the Captain again too.

 © 2011 Charlotte Chase 
Photo from Google

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