One Day - A quickety quick review

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I read One Day about two summers ago after a fleeting visit to WH Smiths on the way to catch a London-bound train. Since then it has reigned over the book charts, much like David Nicholls' other hit Starter for Ten and it is one book that I would happily read again.

15th July 1988.
That's the date and don't forget.

Although both Emma and Dexter are polar opposites,  their graduation night brings them together for an instantaneous moment that will eternally bond them. Emma at times does seem a bit wet, like a limp lettuce, there's not all that much to her and she can be a little submissive.  Dexter is egotistical and arrogant. As a couple they shouldn't have worked but I found myself really rooting for them and hoping against the odds that they would make it. Each chapter presented the same date, a year on and it was as these years went on that I started to try to guess where each of them would be. I won't spoil it by giving away the ending but I would urge you to read it, it's not overly intellectual or hairline highbrow, but it is entertaining and it does draw you in.

 PS. Hurry, the film's coming out this year.

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  1. I really, really wanted to enjoy this! It came out in paperback when I first started working for Waterstone's and I was really excited to read it, but I just hated it. Don't know why.

    I was probably TOO excited to read it, or something

  2. I didn't like the ending, felt rather cheated!