A Visitor.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We have a visitor coming to see us today, Winter Son.
He is gentle and quiet - doesn’t like to intrude.
His visits are rare and fleeting but when he arrives
Everyone smiles and says his name,
Oh, so happy to see their Prodigal Son.

His brother is Summer Son,
He is the popular brother,
Everyone cheers when he comes to visit,
He stays for a very long time,
Arriving early  and not leaving until late.

In the autumn they take turns
To visit their friends,
Some days it’s Winter and some days it’s Summer
It all depends on their plans
And other places they need to be.

Today I am happy to see my old friend
The Winter Son has made a promise,
That his brother is on his way
“Just a hang on in there”, he said to me,
“Summer Son is not far away”.

©  2011 Charlotte Chase
Picture from Photobucket.

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