Birthday Party

Monday, January 31, 2011

Last night I dreamt
that their names came alive,
floating down from my shelves
transforming into glorious embodiments 
of their previous forms; lords, ladies, lovers and friends -

My footsteps creaked on the cold planks 
as laughter rose like a flute's pure notes,
skipping along the vaulted ceiling,
arching overhead leaving behind a trail of stars -

Light bounced off the frame
as the smooth handle turned,
bathing me in a gentle warm glow,
carried by the current of a hundred years -

They were sat either side 
of the longest oak table,
my place was reserved,
a throne for their host -

I don't think I had a point of realisation,
the knowledge was always there,
an innate awareness weaved into my mind,
clarity and logic together entwined-

These people were not strangers
but friends from before.
It was their books I had chosen
afternoons dawdling in charity shops-

It was their pen and ink I had traced
with my finger in the soft autumn light, 
lingering over the pages,
turned golden by time- 

I had brought them here,
for years they had grown accustomed to me,
my habits, my ways,
sitting in rows leaning one against another-

Through their bindings,
their stories had seeped through,
leaking into each other,
colliding and separating -

The song started lightly seeping into my ears,
louder it grew and grew,
a raucous noise both beautiful and strong,
a song just for me.

Painting by Jules Grun.

© 2011 Charlotte Chase 

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