The first day of Jamming

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Well today saw the most spontaneous rain shower I have ever witnessed. After successfully darting up the lawn to retrieve pantyloons of various sizes, I resorted to digging the blackberries out of the freezer and turning the Rayburn up to 'High', one of it's two settings. 

I pulled Mum's heavy cookbook off the newly dusted shelves (well done Mum, that was quite the mission!) and scanned the pages for jam recipes which didn't demand a heavy dose of pectin. Luckily I found one that only politely suggested a large amount of lemon juice and sugar and 1kg of any berry the chef desired.  After an hour of boiling and stirring and countless glances at the clock, combined with an attack of the solo damp-cloth brigade, I successfully achieved the dark purple mass of saucepan goodness that matched the picture in the book. Next came the freezer-plate test. Apparently, if you place a plate in the freezer to cool, the add a tablespoon of jam, the victorious substance should 'wobbly' after being gently poked by a clean finger. Hoorah! It wobbled! Lucky, lucky me. 

However, my task was not over as I then remembered that the new born jam had to be placed in suitable containers, of which I had just happily accompanied Dad to the bottle bank, depositing bottles of all shapes, sizes and colours. Unfortunately jam jars were also included in the generous donation, so my quest now involved a dive under the stairs and a rummage around the greenhouse. After a bout of unluckiness, I decided that as I was not a Horseradish fan, it needn't be in the fridge anymore, so after much scraping and sterilising, two shiny jars were ready for a healthy dose of jam and one glass had been selected to join the jam army. I must say I'm pretty proud of my jam-making skills, although I may leave it off the CV...well until I apply for the WI that  is. Anyway folks, here is a lovely photograph of my rainy day productivity.

Jam does however result in very sticky saucepans and transforms all wooden spoons to a delightful shade of purple.

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  1. And very tasty it was.

    Thanks Lotts
    (See what I did there?)